• Laboratory photo 2020-实验室合影 2020


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    Laboratory photo 2020-实验室合影 2020
  • Prof. Ding birthday-丁老师生日

    Prof. Ding 2019 birthday party 丁老师2019生日会

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    Prof. Ding birthday-丁老师生日
  • Laboratory photo-实验室合影

    Includes early lab photos and lab photos in front of the Red Building 包括早期实验室合影和红楼前的实验室合影

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    Laboratory photo-实验室合影
  • Brother Peng Hao farewell party浩澎师兄欢送会

    Farewell to brother Peng Hao! 欢送浩澎师兄!

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    Brother Peng Hao farewell party浩澎师兄欢送会
  • Friendship Cup Basketball Match-友谊篮球赛

    Our research group and professor Wei Zhao research group carried on the Friendship Cup Basketball Match本课题组与赵蔚教授课题组进行了友谊篮球赛

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    Friendship Cup Basketball Match-友谊篮球赛
  • New Year's birthday dinner-新年生日聚餐

    Celebrate the birthday and New Year of Chao Wei and Jia Wang in Four Seas International House. 在四海一家庆祝魏超师兄、王佳师兄生日和新年

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    New Year's birthday dinner-新年生日聚餐